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Oct 28, 2021 Formatting would result in data loss before formatting your drive, make use of Remo Recover Mac a data recovery software to recover data from external hard drive does not mount on mac. Navigate to the Disk Utility then select the External hard drive not mounting on Mac then click on the Erase option. The drive works fine and is colorful but the USB plug is a bit touchy, you have to get it in the slot just right or it will not mount. Maybe we just got a bad one but once the drive is recognized you cant touch it or it will disconnect because the cable is loose. If your external hard drive appears there but is not mounted, you can click the Mount icon then the external hard drive will be mounted in macOS Mojave. However, if the external hard drive appears in Disk Utility but is unmountable or no volumes of that external drive listed, you got both good news and bad news.

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Macintosh HD is not mounted

Adata Hard Drive Software

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Adata Ssd External Hard Drive

When Macintosh HD is not mounted, the drive is not available for loading up the operating system, resulting in an unbootable Mac. Use iBoysoft Mac data recovery software to rescue Mac files first.