2009 Mac Book Pro Hard Drive Caddy Install

  1. Macbook Pro Hard Drive 500gb

Make sure that the hard drive connectors are facing down before placing it into the enclosure. Gently place the hard drive into the enclosure's hard drive slot. While firmly holding the enclosure in place with one hand, use your other hand to press the hard drive into the enclosure connectors.

I installed a new hard drive in my 2009 Macbook Pro 15. The previous one moved to an external enclosure. I do not own any installation discs for this laptop, yet I somehow need to get an operating system loaded. When I turn on the machine, it displays a white screen with a light-grey folder bearing a question mark, flashing. I have tried holding down keys to enter Disk Utility or Safe Mode, to no avail. Holding ‘option’ does remove the folder icon, and produce a cursor for the trackpad, yet no more than that. How do I get an OS on this hard drive?

Is this a good question?


I have been having this issue as well, still working on figuring out a way to solve the white screen issue.

Hi there,

My internal hard drive disk has stopped working on my Macbook.


The hard drive is not recognized at boot up, so I get the famous question mark. I tried to connect another hard disk and got the same error message. So I guess the problem comes from the logic board?

When I try to access it from the external bootable drive using Disk Utility I can't see it either.

The disk I'm using is good, and it works when connected with USB (this is what I'm running now). But of course I would prefer to put it inside and connect it with SATA.

Now, I'm wondering what I should do. A new logical board is expensive, and it would be too bad to change it completely, because everything else is working perfectly. So, I'd like to get some advice, maybe for how to check the connectors, change the disk controller or add a new one, or whatever can help to get a more practical solution.

Thank you for your help.

Is this a good question?


Obviously, if it works with USB , your LOGIC Board is OK

more than likely its a flex cable that connects your drive to your board

I have the same exact issue on. A 2014 macbook pro, changed the flex cable still the same results

Macbook Pro Hard Drive 500gb

My sons macbook suddenly didn't want to boot from a ssd-disk that had worked perfectly for almost a year. The disk is however readable when connected with usb. I tried with an older rotating hard drive, connected it using the flex cable, and it did boot and worked as it should.